New Yorker interview

There is something very intimate about smoking pot with someone—the fact that both of you put the same joint in your mouth and smoke something that will make you feel less in control. This is topped by the fact that you are sharing a secret, something illegal, which makes the smoking a de-facto declaration that you trust each other.
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Israel’s Other War

Twelve years, five operations against Hamas (four of them in Gaza), and still we have this same convoluted slogan. Young men who were only first-graders during Operation Defensive Shield are now soldiers invading Gaza by land. In each of these operations there have been right-wing politicians and military commentators who pointed out that “this time we’ll have to pull all the stops, take it all the way, until the end.” Watching them on television, I can’t help but ask myself, What is this end they’re striving toward?

Why I will never leave Israel, despite it all

‪I’m a son of Holocaust survivors – not at the ideological level, but at the instinctive level. I watched my parents get up in the morning, rejoicing that they lived in a place where they were not persecuted for their origins and could speak in their own language. Where they could be a free people in our land [Keret is quoting from “Hatikva,” Israel’s national anthem]. Somehow, I absorbed that this was something really essential and important. My parents suffered a lot until they came to this place. Because of that, it’s hard for me, at the reflexive level, to even consider the idea of not living here‬.

"Chips" at Nerve Magazine

“My mom always says that ‘thank you’ are the only two words in the language that can never hurt,” I said. “So let your mom blow you,” Vered said and smiled
— "Chips", Nerve Magazine