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"Wristcutters" UK launch

Nov. 19th, 2007 | 06:13 pm

November 22nd, "Wristcutters" premiered in UK theaters

The Scotsman:
Wristcutters wears its quirkiness a little too proudly, but its performances - particularly of Fugit and Sossamon - and the relentless black humour make it a trip worth taking.
Monsters and Critics:
Every once in a while you come across a film that completely floors you. It’s usually a title into which you go with not-too-low expectation, something you barely heard of, maybe just one actor whom you’re fond of and he’s the reason you go to see it. However once the actual film starts, and you realise boy oh boy, is this going to be one special ride…
Based on the short story Kneller’s Happy Campers by Etgar Keret and co-written by Dukic, the film effortlessly rises above its potentially depressing premise to provide film fans with a genuinely inventive ride. Characters are richly drawn and more than a little quirky (no one is able to smile) but it’s easy to warm to their heartache and turmoil.
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Better late than never

Nov. 19th, 2007 | 06:44 pm

Not exactly news, but we've just found a Variety review from the Sundance days

Variety (Jan. 25, 2006):
Dukic elicits beautifully underplayed performances from his three leads, though Whigham's alternately infuriating and endearing Eugene does get some large laughs. Sossamon makes Mikal feisty and alluring in a resigned goth-girl kind of way, while 23-year-old Fugit, who's matured a lot since his road-movie debut "Almost Famous," effortlessly engages as the film's emotional glue.
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