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"Jellyfish" hits the harbour

Apr. 3rd, 2008 | 08:15 pm
mood: Jetlagged
music: http://zzzen.com/Radio_Bracha_Golsehet_-_15_minutes_of_awesomeness.mp3

New York Magazine(Critics' pick)
To NY Mag articleThis award-winning drama traces the paths of intersecting lives in Tel Aviv: a groom and his bride, an aimless young woman and a mysterious child, a Filipino caregiver and her cranky charge. The film is shot through with keen observations and dry wit, and has a refreshing, easygoing sense of flow. — Logan Hill

Village Voice

Bleakly wistful, regarding its essentially lonely characters with a gaze both tender and lethal, Jellyfish was co-directed by the bestselling Israeli writer Etgar Keret and his wife, dramatist-director Shira Geffen (who is credited with the screenplay)

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