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Variety's Anne Thompson about $9.99 making it to the animation Oscar short list

Nov. 13th, 2008 | 11:06 pm

Can $9.99 Get You an Oscar These Days? (Maybe in the Toon Category) - Thompson On Hollywood on Variety.com
$9.99, a stop motion toon for grown-ups, based on the very short stories of Israeli writer Etgar Keret (some of them no longer than a sneeze, but evocative enough to set your imagination running). That might seem like a shortage of material on which to base a feature, but consider that (a) most blockbusters can be reduced to 25 words or less and (b) director Tatia Rosenthal has gathered up a handful of Keret's ideas and packed them into a single film (by making his characters neighbors in a disaster-prone Australian apartment building), and you've got more than enough story to deal with.
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