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Голосовать Этгар Керет

Dec. 9th, 2009 | 04:30 pm

Keret at a book reading in Moscow, November 2009 Голосовать Этгар Керет
Russian speaking Etgar Keret fans, please vote for him at the "Reading St. Petersburg 2009: choose the best foreign writer" poll (Читающий Петербург 2009: выбираем лучшего зарубежного писателя).
In a booknik.ru article about Vladimir Mayakovsky's "Reading St. Petersburg 2009" project, they say Keret is doing pretty well so far in the polls, but of course it's too early to tell the outcome.

If you're a Russian speaking fan of Etgar Keret, it's a good time to show your support. If you are not yet familiar with Russian translations of his stories, you can listen to two of them: Разбить поросенка (Breaking the pig), and Лето 76-го (The summer of '76), and hopefully you'll become a fan too.

Photo by Simon (at a book reading in Moscow, November 2009)
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